Cypriot Culture

The cultural heritage of Cyprus goes back more than 9000 years. There are numerous relics from the rich past of this island. Relics from every era, Greek temples, Roman mosaics and 15th-century wall paintings. Most of these remainders of the past still influence the artists of today. Many villages specialize in a particular art form. During a trip around Cyprus the visitor can see pottery, silver and copperware, basket weaving, tapestry and Lefkara's famous lacework, all being manufactured on the spot.

Like everything else in Cyprus, religion is split along the Green Line. The northerners are mostly Sunni Muslim, the southerners Greek Orthodox. Food, too, reflects the divide: in the North you'll find mostly Turkish cuisine; in the Republic, Greek. But wherever you are in Cyprus, you'll come across kleftiko (oven-baked lamb) and mezedes (dips, salads and other appetizers). Cyprus is also famous for its fruit. You'll find strawberries, stone fruit, melons, prickly pear, citrus and grapes.

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