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Property Administration Service

Property administration includes the following services:

  • Appointment of a supervisor to your property
  • Key holding
  • Initial Inventory List
  • Regular Inspections (twice a month)
  • Monthly written report
  • Read and record water and electric units to send in report
  • Check doors and windows if properly close
  • Checking all light bulbs are working
  • Generally check all electrical appliances
  • Flush toilets (to prevent lime scale build-up)
  • Check TV or satellite signal
  • General structural checks both internal and external
  • Ensure all outside furniture is bought in during winter period
  • Co-ordination of all services (pool, garden etc)

All the above is then reported in our monthly written report which we send to our clients, unless like mentioned previously if the problem warrants a phone call to get a go ahead to rectify any problems that may have occurred.

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