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AETOS Air-Conditioning Installation and Maintenance

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We are a company that relies on our professional service and experience to differienciate us from other companies. Offering you both qualified and licensed technicians with friendly service, we leave your equipment running more efficiently and in a more healthier environment due to our antibacterial disinfectant coil rinsing service.

Why do air conditioners need to be serviced every year?

A building' or home's air conditioning system can be described as the lungs of the building.The quality of air many people breathe at work or home is totally dependant on the operation of the air conditioning system. The cost of poor air-conditioning can be enormous to our health, this includes viral illnesses, respiratory problems and the deadly legionnaires disease. These are some of the reasons why regular and efficient servicing should be done.

List of services

  • Installation of all air conditioners
  • Full servicing (recharging of gas, re-taping of pipes, checking freon gas pressures, disinfecting of coils, clean condensers, flushing of drains, adding of air con aromas and many more)
  • Mechanical Maintenance (replacing and repairing of parts)
  • Solar air conditioning available
  • Provision planning before your house is built

We can offer you a 5 year warrantee on your A/C compressor and 2 years on your indoor unit, provided we install your A/C and maintain it by keeping it serviced every year. We will allocate dates to when you should service your air conditioners and you will be contacted by Aetos office staff as a reminder each year, so you don't lose the warrantee.

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