Trellidor Security Gates


Aetos Plus is proud to introduce 'Trellidor Security Gates' An individually tailored solution for home and business security.

Our Range currently consists of Security Gates and Burglar Guards suitable for all windows and doors helping secure your home against unwanted visitors while keeping with your architectural features and embellishments.

With a 5 year warranty covering quality, effective workmanship, materials and corrosion resistance.


Trellidor's Retractable Security range consists of powder coated galvanised steel security barriers in Trellidor's familiar double trellis design. The product options include security gates for doors, patios, passages and stairways and retractable security barriers for windows and shop counters.

Retractable security is used to help protect both domestic homes and commercial buildings such as banks, prisons, retail outlets, airports, schools and stadiums from break-ins by unwanted intruders.


Corrosion is a real threat to security as it weakens security barriers. If properly maintained, Trellidor Retractable Security barriers carry a warranty in terms of quality, defective workmanship, materials and corrosion resistance, even in coastal regions. We're able to do this because:

  • Trellidor's powder coating plant is state-of-the-art and includes a pretreatment corrosion and UV resistant process.
  • Our profiles are roll-formed u-channels, enabling us to coat all surfaces against corrosion.
  • Our wheel holders are manufactured from glass-filled Nylon 6, so there is no risk of rust as with steel rollers on a steel track.

Ask your Trellidor Consultant to advise you about our recommended Trellidor Lubricant Spray and suggested maintenance regime to ensure the validity of the full warranty.


  1. Steel top track with optional cover
  2. Rivets - purpose designed mild steel
  3. Upright wheel holder assembly - nylon wheel holder with aluminium shaft
  4. Upright assembly - roll-formed steel uprights
  5. Three locking points in all door height ranges - one key point
  6. Lock cover
  7. Upright sill guide - steel guide with steel spacer tubes and rivets
  8. Link closures - all flights are joined together with steel spacer tubes and recess bushes


The retractable security barriers are engineered to resist an assault while still being easy to operate. They have a number of unique user benefits.

  • A neat, compact sash designed for strength and smooth operation.
  • They slide open and closed with little effort.
  • They are fully framed, adding to their strength.
  • There is a choice of Trellidor's patented locking systems, including dead-lock and slam-lock technology.
  • Retractable security barriers are recommended for windows to allow for easy cleaning, but especially those designated as alternative escape routes in the event of fire or a life-threatening situation.
  • The products are all custom-measured and manufactured, and fitted by Trellidor trained and certified technicians.
  • The links cross over and connect 3 upright bars together for increased strength and smoother operation.
  • The international certification gives peace of mind that you're receiving a quality product.
  • The patented draw-bolt locking system has a single keyhole with two or three locking points to combine convenience with increased resistance to attack.


Many break-ins occur through a security gate's lock area, which is often attacked using a variety of tools. To reduce the risk, Trellidor has developed two patented locking systems.

Trellidor's dead-lock system
This is a unique patented draw-bolt locking system that has a single key point with two or three locking points, providing increased resistance against attempted break-ins with the turn of a single key.

Trellidor's slam-lock system
This is a unique patented locking system that incorporates the dead-lock technology described above, as well as two other modes of operation, slam-lock and open mode. You choose the mode of operation that suits you at different times and circumstances. Dead-lock and open mode avoid the user being accidentally locked out, which can happen with slam-lock technology.

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