Comfortable Heating

Infrared heating panels emit a very high ratio of radiant heat similar to the warmth of the rays of the sun. Rather than heating the air, infrared heaters warm objects directly creating a comfortable and cosy atmosphere. There won’t be any dust circulation or air radiation like with convection heaters and the humidity in the room stays the same. No dry winter skin and eyes anymore! You will feel more comfortable in a shorter period of time.

Green Heating

Infrared heaters heat objects and bodies in range directly. These will store the thermal mass releasing heat slowly back into the room. This means you effectively need to heat less as the heat can’t escape the room as fast as if you would just heat the air resulting in tremendous energy savings. Since they are running on electricity this also means they can be used in conjunction with renewable energies such as solar energy to reduce CO2 emissions even further.

Economical & Efficient

The thermopanel has combined two types of heating: infrared with long thermal waves and convectional, which allows to warm up the room evenly and to maintain the comfortable microclimate. The usage of multilayer thermal insulation made it possible to achieve maximum heat transfer through the front surface, having improved the quality and environmental friendliness of our heater.

Available Colors

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